The Best Service in Town……..Really?

The importance of being able to back up your advertising claim.

Whether it is radio, TV, or online, business owners spend plenty of time creating advertising messages about their companies.  Often the intent behind these messages is to create awareness, attract new customers, or sell a specific product.  But what is communicated in these advertisements or on a company website is extremely important, and therefore; must be accurate.

If a business claims that their product can cure the common cold, they better have the evidence to support that claim.  And if someone says their business is the only one in the city that offers discounts with service, they better be sure of that.

It’s equally important to ensure postings to company websites and social media also reflect a true and accurate representation of the business or product.

In the very social world that we live in, being authentic is number one in terms of importance.  And if you’re not, there will surely be someone out their to prove you wrong……and share that with the rest of the world.

For more information on accuracy in advertising, check out this link.



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