Advertising Alone is Not Marketing

If you ask most people to define marketing they usually say advertising. While this may be true, it is certainly not the main aspect of marketing.

Have you heard on the four P’s of marketing?  These include product, place, price and promotion.  Advertising is really only one of many tools available for use under the “promotion” category.

Here’s an example to illustrate why thinking advertising is marketing is incorrect and detrimental to your marketing efforts.   Say you are holding an event and ticket sales are not going well.  People often try to do everything in their power to get the word out about the event, often resorting to a shot-gun approach to advertising (advertising everywhere and through all mediums).  And many times when an event fails, blame goes to the advertising effort.

The reality of it is, you need to have the right mix of the other components (p’s) of marketing.  You must understand your target audience and then define your product, price and place.  If sales aren’t going well, maybe the product or event isn’t a good one, or maybe the price is too high.  Maybe the distribution method for purchasing your product or service is wrong (place).

Companies and non profits need to look at marketing as something much bigger than advertising or social media posts.

Offer something unique and get to really know your ideal customer.  Then work with all of the 4 P’s of marketing to create a complete plan.