My 10 Digital Media Discoveries

Digital Media Summit 2014

Digital Media Summit 2014

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Digital Media Summit in Toronto and I wanted to share some of the key discoveries I made during the course of the conference.  I believe these ten tips can help any marketer steer through the digital landscape.

1. Prepare a team of people who are not like you.  Determine your skills and weaknesses.  Find people who are strong where you are weak.

2. Failure is considered education. Fail forward – pioneer.

3. People’s behaviours are dictated by their peers.  Give your brand over to your consumers.

4. Understand your audience and how they are talking to each other. Let your audience guide your content strategy.

5. Relevance is key to social sharing. Whatever is happening in pop culture, is important.

6. Be clear on objectives.  Always ask, “what are we trying to achieve?”

7. Don’t get comfortable.  Things change and the industry depends on change.

8. Measurement will be different based on the industry.  Know what you are measuring and what it means.

9. Small businesses have the ability to be more agile in the social media landscape.  Research and experiment with new technologies.

10. Tell your story in the day and age we live in.  Most people are still advertising like its 1980.

For more information on the next Digital Media Summit, click this link.